Nanciann Horvath

Nanciann’s mission is to help us bring laughter, fun and intelligence into day-to-day interactions, using improv techniques to help ease stress and keep our hearts healthy!  She has traveled as far as Alaska to entertain and educate a local Parent-Teachers Association (PTA), and pre-pandemic could regularly be seen at the most popular comedy clubs in L.A.

Nanciann Horvath is originally from Bethlehem, PA.
She graduated from Sacred Heart Hospital School of Practical Nursing in Norristown, PA, then began her nursing practice in Morristown, NJ, while studying acting in New York City.  After moving to the Big Apple, she also worked part-time at Radio City Music Hall.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Nanciann joined SAG/AFTRA. Still doing nursing jobs while acting, some positions she has recently held are: UCLA float nurse, Home Health, Set medic & baby nurse (on the set of Days Of Our Lives and many more!), Wellness Nurse.