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Advice for Authors

with Susan Bowman, author of "The Quiet Heart," "Symbols of Revelation" and "My Birding Adventures with God" and Lindsay Morgan Snyder, author of "Letting Love In: How God Renews Relationships by Crushing Your Inner Critic"

Susan Bowman
Lindsey Morgan Snyder

Video Games

Live with Chris Jones, Justin Hemenway and Chris Gregson to talk about the games they love and why

Marketing for Authors

Hosted by Wendy Hibbard With Jon Ritner, Deen Ferrell and Leigh Ann Ruggiero

Leigh Ann Ruggiero: author of The Unfollowers
Jon Ritner: author of Positively Irritating
Deen Ferrell, author of Cryptic Spaces


With Kyla Simone, Julie Pyle, and Melissa Smith
Sapphire Leadership

Premiering New Musical Works

Michal Dawson Connor - Sunday Morning Live at All Saints Church, Pasadena on Sunday, February 27, 2022
Alina Roitstein-Anderies: - I Carry

Christian Maturity

Christin Jezak - Mother Theresa Person to Person
David MacNelley - The Paraclete's Hammer
Wendy Hibbard - The Writing Room

Quick Tricks to Calm Anxiety

Books mentioned:
Renovated, Dr James Wilder
The Body Keeps the Score, Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk
Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess, Dr. Caroline Leaf

Healthy Diet and Intermittent Fasting


Vocal Health for Voice Actors




Community Theater


Female Friendship


Grieving the loss of a Parent


Publishing vs. Self-Publishing


Patient Parenting


Transformed Lives



How to Talk About Jesus (Without Freaking Out) Karen Covell
Five Fold Church
Dream Center
Change Your Story: Your Life is a Masterpiece Waiting to be Discovered Kirstin Leigh



Acting for Film and TV


Plays and Playwrights


Real Estate in 2021


Sharing Our Faith


Switching Up Social Media - Getting The Most Out Of Your Platforms


Trusting in Divine Time

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Vocal Health for Performers


Board Games